A Digital Future Accompanied By The Loss Of Privacy?

While we’re using our smart phones and mobile devices to embrace new technology and applications that are both fun and functional, privacy concerns are also increasing. “The 2013 U.S. Consumer Confidence Index reveals that 81 percent of smart phone users avoid applications they believe do not protect their privacy,” said Chantal Tode, associate editor for MobileMarketer.com (Tode, 2013). This clearly indicates that as mobile activities continue to blossom, so to will the need for marketers to prove to consumers that their mobile data privacy-infographicpersonal information is safe. Take a look at the following infographic (to the right). While its slightly outdated by a year or two, it clearly displays key consumer privacy concerns.

How do you think information whether personal or promotional should be shared, if at all? Well, let me just put it this way: I want it all to be at my discretion; the consumer. I want the ability to opt in and out of promotional emails, text messages, push notifications, etc. as well as knowing what applications are using my personal information, pictures, contacts, and more. Andrew Bud, global chair at MEF said “seventy percent  of consumers say that it’s important to them to know exactly what data an app is collecting and what data is being shared, nearly half say it’s very important. This says very clearly that consumers now understand the impact of apps on their privacy and that they want to have some control.”

Best Practices for Mobile App Developers is a join publication by Future of Privacy Forum and Center for Democracy and Technology. While I urge you to read it when you have some spare time, here (graphic to the left) is a quick break Best Practices for Building Privacydown of the steps app developers and brands can take towards building an environment centered around privacy.



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